2014 – PEUGEOT 3008

By adopting the brand’s new visual identity, the model reaches the national market, highlighting the modernity of its extensive equipment list and the versatility that only “Crossover by PEUGEOT” can offer.Just over three years after its launch in the country, the model that innovated its segment by combining different types of vehicles – the dynamism of the hatchback, the smart space of the minivan and the robustness of the sports utility – has just received a new style, even more refined, modern and technological.In line with PEUGEOT’s new visual identity, the new 3008 had the redesigned front. The grille and foglamp, with frame inspired by the latest concept cars of the Mark, are outlined by chrome pieces that appear to emerge from the body, emphasizing the robustness of the model. Adorned with two chrome fillets, the air intake reinforces the natural presence of the vehicle. The stylistic codes of PEUGEOT are also present in the new optical assembly, which features innovative cutting lines. The headlights are surrounded by a chrome area and daytime LED lights highlight the technological personality of the new 3008.The Lion emblem follows the same line: no longer delimited by frame, it dominates the front face of the body surrounded by two creases, which suggest the continuous sensation of movement. The chrome touches on the top trim of the window, exterior rearview mirror covers, stringer and stainless steel fenders on the front and rear bumper demonstrate a high level of quality. The back keeps the winding lines of the set. The flashlight brings new LED lights in a dark tone marked by three “claws” that suggest a 3D effect. The Lion emblem, in the center of the trunk lid, now comes with the PEUGEOT logo below.

The new 3008, which also features 17-inch diamond wheels with unique design, enhances the crossover’s adventurous vocation: a sturdy, versatile, high driving position, exemplary dynamic behavior, guaranteed by the THP engine, combining comfort, space and technology of a familiar model. A combination of vocations that makes the vehicle unique. A careful interior in the smallest detailsInside, the new 3008 has an extremely cozy and comfortable environment for all occupants. When entering the vehicle, the environment is illuminated by the large glazed area of ​​the model, which integrates 1.70 m² of the windshield. The huge panoramic glass roof, of 1.60 m², raises the total glazed surface to 5.34 m².The driver’s seat, developed in the form of an “airplane cockpit”, was designed around the driver, who finds a panel of careful finishing instruments, made up of dials with white numbers and red needles, under a black background. Quality materials provide an unquestionable qualitative insight, both visually and tactically, present, for example, in the textured panel coating and in the glossy and matt chrome details.The center console appears in the visual continuity of the dashboard and continues until you find the gearbox lever. The wide console separates the front seats and acts as a central armrest. In it, the driver also finds the functions of air conditioning of the vehicle, audio system, selectors of adjustment of the Head Up Display and of the Electric Brake of Parking (to see more details in Technological Solutions). As with the driver, the front and rear passengers benefit from a very comfortable position. The occupants have, at the level of the elbows, a width of 1,476 mm and 1,480 mm, respectively, at the front and rear. Technological solutions: standard equipment make everyday life easierThe modernity of the new 3008 is proven by its extensive list of standard equipment used to facilitate users’ day-to-day life: Head Up DisplayEssential driving information such as speed and throttle / speed limiter are designed on a colorful translucent blade in polycarbonate with antireflex treatment. It allows the driver to access them without having to take his eyes off the road. Besides the comfort of use, the system brings benefits in terms of safety. The inclination, the pick up of the screen and the luminosity of the indications projected on the blade can be regulated from keys in the center console. The Head Up Display contributes to the cockpit effect of the driving position.

Electric Parking Brake

This system benefits from driving comfort. From the moment of start-up, the parking brake is released automatically. When the engine is switched off, the brake also fires automatically. A processor, in connection with the ESP, manages the effort to immobilize the vehicle, depending on the slope. The handbrake remains on during wake-up time to readjust, if necessary, the tightening torque. The driver can, however, force this tightening while maintaining the latch control (towed weight, trucking, boat, among others).n the event of an unplanned shutdown of the ignition, the electric control, located within reach of the hand, can be operated manually. To manually release the electric handbrake it is imperative that the foot press the brakeHill Assist – Ramp StarThe model has a ramp start assist system with advantages for ease of use and safety enhancement.Thanks to the permanent connection with the ESP, this function allows the vehicle to stay on a slope for two seconds after taking the foot off the brake, which gives the driver sufficient time to accelerate again without the car moving back on the slope.This system makes maneuvering safer and makes the vehicle easier to use, either forward (ramp start) or reverse (for example, to perform a parking maneuver on a falling ramp). The system operates on ramps with a minimum slope of 3%.Air ConditioninThe bi-zone digital automatic air-conditioning allows passengers to adjust the cabin air conditioning independently on both the left and right side of the vehicle. The air diffusion is made by four exits on the dashboard, also in exits for the feet of the front occupants and also in flaps for the rear passengers.The climate of the environment can be done manually (with dust filter and pollen) or automatic. In this case, the Air Quality Sensor (AQS) function, connected to an air quality probe, automatically controls the closure of the recycling cap in case of detecting a change in the level of air pollutioWIP NAV RT6 MultimediThe audio system with USBBox allows the connection of CD player with MP3 allied to the Bluetooth functions and “hands free” set for cell phone. You can also operate the devices connected to the auxiliary input, such as an iPod device. Add to that a GPS navigation system designed on an electrically folded seven-inch color screen.Optimized aerodynamicThe architecture, style and dimensions give the vehicle an aerodynamic coefficient (Cx) of 0.296, which puts it among the best in its segment. The value of this air penetration index and the resulting SCx (0.760), despite a frontal area of ​​2.56 m² due to the height and width of the car, reflect the development in favor of the reduction of fuel consumption and, as a consequence, of CO² emissionsEngine 1.6 16V Turbo High Pressure of 165 HThe modernity of the design, which is at the heart of this crossover, is also present in its propulsor, which follows the international downsizing trend of engines, developing high performance and low levels of consumption and emission of pollutants.

Equipped with 1.6 16V Turbo High Pressure engine, it is manufactured with aluminum block, extremely light and developed in cooperation with BMW. Powered by a direct gasoline injection system, the 1,598 cm3 displacement engine and 16-valve compound head with variable inlet control and rotor-mounted rocker arms develops 165 hp at 6,000 rpm. With a maximum torque of 24.5 kgfm available at the 1,400 rpm mark, it gives the driver strength and safety in overtaking and speed pickups in urban journeys, for example.The excellent performance of this engine is due to the development of several components with the purpose of reducing friction, thus generating fuel economy and very low emission of pollutants in the atmosphere. Example: the alternator, the oil pump, the engine turbine, the thermostatic valve, the water pump and the control of intake valves are piloted, ie commanded according to a strategy defined electronically by the module of the electronic injection. This allows a much more precise control of its operation, without common energy waste in conventional motors.The internal clearances in this type of engine are also very small compared to the current engines. They are only achieved because in their manufacture they are used modern machines and of excellent standard of machining, that generates a greater durability with the time. oupled with this motorization, the vehicle has a six-speed automatic sequential box. Always working with the best engine speed, it allows a quick and smooth gearshift, contributing in large part to the great driving pleasure provided by the model.other important factor in the automatic box is that the torque converter used is also piloted, providing a safer traffic condition mainly in reductions. In this type of converter, an internal clutch effects the mechanical connection between the motor and the box, generating the “motor brake” effect. Thus, the driver has the same feeling as a car equipped with a mechanical gearbox: when the foot is removed from the accelerator pedal, the vehicle “brakes” the engine. Consequently, there is greater fuel economy, since the propellant, in these conditions, does not inject fuel to be burned, and also economy of brakes, because the driver uses an energy that was being wasted.

The new 3008 provides consumers with maximum safety at all levels. In structural terms, the vehicle was programmed to dissipate the energy of a collision in a programmed manner, receiving a triple frontal impact absorption structure. he model also benefits from BOGÉ absorbers, which controls the length of the front span in such shocks. The purpose of this package is to protect the passenger compartment and its occupants as much as possible, limit the consequences of a collision and facilitate repairs, which has a positive impact on insurers. s also worth mentioning that the steering column is deformable: in the face of a collision it retracts at a precise point to protect the drivero better protect occupants from a side collision, column B is particularly reinforced. Columns B and C consist of two sheets of thick steel. Likewise, all the doors effectively contribute to make the model rigid, creating a solid structure between the umns A, B and C.espite the presence of the rear lid leveled with the floor of the luggage compartment, to absorb the shocks and to ensure a greater ease of repair. inally, the model, when subjected to the collision tests promoted by EuroNCAP, the European institute responsible for evaluating the safety of vehicles marketed in the continent, won the maxieans of retentionhe vehicle has six airbags with eight protection points, two front, two side (protecting the chest and the front passenger seat) and two curtain-type airbags (for the front and rear passengers’ heads). The vehicle also features a number of safety features, such as the latest generation ABS brakes, ESP (Dynamic Stability Control), REF (Electronic Brake Distributor), AFU (Emergency Brake Assist) and ASR (Anti-Slip Assist). rear obstacle sensors.here are also alarms, five safety belts with three attachment points, as well as audible warnings of closed / unsealed belts with visual information through pictograms:. In the front seats, the belts have pyrotechnic pretensioners (with a double pretension in the case of the passenger for better retention of the basin, in addition to the rib cage);

2. In the rear seats, the side belts are equipped with effort limiters;

3. Front head restraints in the form of a “wallet” and a comma-back for the three occupants.

Two Isofix child seat anchorages are available in the rear side seats.

Efficient braking

The good braking performance of the new 3008 is ensured by large ventilated discs: 302 mm in diameter and 26 mm in thickness. The front brake calipers have pistons with a diameter of 57 mm. The rear is equipped with two 268 mm x 12 mm discs.

High-level acoustic comfort

The rigidity of the 3008’s structure, in addition to its safety benefit, also contributes to its acoustics, preventing the body from resonating with road irregularities.an acoustic windshield, absorbers at strategic locations (under the dashboard), the cover of the gearbox controls, the adoption of a double sealing barrier at the level of the front and rear door seals and the treatment of the rear suspension, everything has been studied for the new 3008 to offer first-ving pleasurThe front suspension is pseudo McPherson type with stabilizer bar and helical springs. The rear is composed of a deformable crossbar, coil springs and integrated stabilizer bar, compact dimensions and stiffness, guaranteeing good vibration control and excellent body behavior. this way, the suspension calibration was developed to deliver the best compromise between comfort and stability, transmitting safety and control to the driver in all taxiing and floor conditions.

A multipurpose vehicle

The passengers of the new 3008 have storage spaces that total around 50 liters of useful volume.· A large refrigerated volume available in the center console, under the support of front arms, allows to lodge a bottle of 1.5 liter, CDs or other objects, thanks to its capacity of 13.5 litersThe glove compartment provides the passenger with a volume of four liters An enclosed space below the steering wheel, integrating the Owner’s Manual, offers a volume of 3.7 liters;  Two large rigid compartments on the doors with seven liters each;

· Two cupholders in the center console;

· An object retention net on the right side of the center console, available to the front passenger.

At the rear:

· Two lids give access to 3.8 liter spaces on the right and 3.3 liters on the left, under the feet of the rear passengers;

· Magazine rack behind the front seat backrests;

· Two rigid door pockets, each with 2.5 liters.

The interior of the vehicle also features:

· Three 12V sockets (in front of the center console, on the rear of the vehicle for passengers in the second row of seats and in the luggage compartment);

In addition to the large number of storage compartments throughout the passenger compartment, the luggage compartment is easily accessible thanks to the partition of the lid in two parts, an upper one, the size of which allows for handling anywhere, and lower. This area serves to facilitate the loading of heavy objects, since it can support a weight of 200 kg distributed by its surface.The luggage compartment of the model offers the possibility of being easily divided, thanks to a floor that can be modulated in three levels. Patented by the Mark, this system facilitates the use of the vehicle in the day to day. evel 1: The movable floor, which can be removed from the vehicle if necessary, is positioned at the bottom of the luggage compartment to provide as much cargo space as possible.vel 2: The floor is aligned with the lid open – 25% of the total volume of the luggage compartment becomes available below this floor and 75% between the floor and the ceiling. This position allows for a perfectly flat floor, from the cover to the dashboard, when the rear and front passenger’s rearrests are retractedevel 3: The movable floor is placed in alignment of the closed lid. The total volume of the luggage compartment is now 45% under this floor and 55% under the roof. In any of the last two positions, the driver may compartmentalize or hide, at his or her discretion, the objects that he places in the luggage compartment.ddition to its movable floor, the new 3008’s luggage compartment is easily exploitable. It has a capacity of 512 liters and, with the rear seats folded, the capacity of the luggage compartment reaches the volumnew 3008 will be marketed in Brazil in a single finish version, called Griffe THP. In addition to the items already mentioned, the model offers the following standard equipmenElectro-hydraulic steering with adjustable steering wheel in height and depth; Sports seats coated in leather and Mistral fabric (black tone) for vehicles in the color of body White Nacre (pearly) and GrayAluminum, and fabric Guerande (light gray tone) for vehicles of color of body Perla Black Nera;· Autopilot with Speed ​​Controller and Limiter.

Car Cover – Protecting Your Car The Cheap Way

When it rains, the paintwork of the car disintegrates due to the high levels of acid found in the rain. The exterior becomes full of ugly watermarks, and the framework begins to rot and rust. As the snow settles, the car freezes over, and this tampers with the brakes, causing them to be less effective, and more dangerous. The sun’s powerful glare, together with the unfiltered ultra-violet rays, end up fading the finish and making the car look old and worn out. The interior gets overheated too, and this makes it impossible to drive in as it’s too stuffy. When left to stand in the sun for too long, the car’s internal specs get ruined as well. Tree sap, birds dropping all manage to find their way on to cars and leave unsightly stains. These ruin the paintwork, and can virtually never be fully removed – there’s always some mark left. Dust will, without doubt, pile up unless the car is covered. The dust makes the car dirty and look very worn. Car owners end up having to constantly clean, polish and re-wax their cars, unless they are covered. So definitely your car needs a cover, but why pay the earth? Your car is expensive enough as it is, who says we have to keep investing large amounts of money to keep it clean. There are universal car covers that will do the job perfectly, for next to nothing. These covers come in a standard size and will fit any car, big or small. You simply have to slip it on and, you’re covered. They are waterproof, and ultra-violet resistant, so the rain, sleet, snow, sun etc, all will be unable to attack and wreck your car. The universal cover will act as a cushioning shield and stop all sorts of bumps and bashes your car might get from ruining it. The cover will absorb the shock, and prevent the car from becoming dented and or scratched. The most amazing thing about a universal cover is that when you update your car and get a new one, you can use the same car cover, and not have the added expense of buying a new one. The cover can also be lent out to friends and family, without the worry of whether it will fit or not. When folded up, the cover is very compact and can be tucked away. This gives you the opportunity to take it with you wherever you go, ensuring that you’re never stuck, but always covered. The cover is elasticated at the edges so that it ‘snaps shut’ and makes sure that nothing can sneak into the car uninvited. It also makes it easier for you when putting in, and taking it off.

There are a large range a of car covers available on the market, as it has come to light, that these mgb auto cover protection are an essential for maintaining a car. Keep your car outdoors is like signing a consent form for a be-ragged car. In fact indoors is only marginally better. There is so much that could go wrong with your car, it’s unbelievable. When kept outdoors the car’s finish is either going to become bleached from the sun’s ultra-violet rays, or disintegrate from the acid in rain and birds muck. The car and its brakes will freeze over in the snow, and this is extremely hazardous as the brakes then do not work properly. If the car isn’t frozen, it’s overheated in the sun, making it too stuffy and claustrophobic to drive. Also the internal specs of your car get damaged in the heat. Wind whips up rubbish from the street that end up denting and scratching the exterior as they whiz past. Whatever way you look at it, no matter what the weather forecast is, your dear car is at risk of getting wrecked! Indoors don’t have the dangers of the weather, but the dust is worse. Dust piles up, and before you know it, people are signing their names on your bonnet. Plus, your car can still get dented and scratched when kept indoors. As you take the rubbish out to the dustbins, you may accidentally knock the car on your way. This is very normal especially as garages aren’t exactly the most spacious of places. Well, if something heavy, like a bottle, was in the rubbish bag, then the car is very likely to get dented, or scratched. Or if you have your keys hanging from your belt, or something hanging out of your trouser pocket, as you squeeze past the car, you end up scratching it. These things happen all the time, and they are so slight, you won’t even notice. However, all these marks can be seen on the car.

With a car cover, these things don’t happen as the cover acts as a shield and protects the car from any harm. Which cover you will want will depend on your environment, and climate, and where your store your car. The choice is huge and there is one for everyone. All of the covers are of excellent quality and do an amazing job. The difference between them is that they concentrate on different features so that there is the ideal cover for everyone in every situation. There are plenty reasonably priced covers, so there is no need to spend an arm and a leg, just to go about protecting your car. Sometimes though, it is worth it to spend that bit more, but will save you more in the long run. A good quality car cover will mean that you no longer have to spend money on car washes, or all the equipment needed to do a DIY job.Car Covers is one of the top companies for manufacturing covers for all types of vehicles. They have spent many years of research in various materials to determine what material has what characteristics and for what weather conditions they are suited best. The result is the there is a wide choice of covers from Car Covers, all of which are top quality. They have a cover for every vehicle, for every climate, and storage environment.

Together with Kimberly-Clark, Cover craft have produced their own unique fabric called Evolution 4. It is made from non-woven polypropylene, hence the maximum protection is being offered. Evolution 4 is a material that is naturally water-resistant. Rain, sleet and snow will simply run off the side of the Car Covers cover, without even touching the car. Since the Car Covers fabric is naturally resistant, the protection will not wear away with time and use, as is often the case with treated covers. This makes Car Covers a much more durable cover. The Evolution4 material is breathable so that even when the Car Covers cover is on, the car has a chance to breathe and ‘sweat’. Air and moisture are allowed out through the material but not in. Hence the car will not get steamed up and moldy whilst covered. Whenever a car is covered with Car Covers, the car will be protected from birds’ droppings, and tree sap. These are two very annoying features of nature as they make large, ugly stains all over the exterior of cars. These stains are by no means easy to remove, and meanwhile they eat away at the car’s finish, leaving long-term effects. Dust is also a nuisance. It piles up in no time at all, and the car ends up looking older, and more worn out than it really is. Car Covers acts as a dust sheet for the car and dust cannot gather on the exterior, keeping it clean, and fresh.

Car Covers is slightly more heavy-duty than other car covers. This is done on purpose so that the cover can act as a cushion and shield the car from any scrapes and bashes it would have otherwise received. Very often things get caught up in a wind storm, and scratch cars as they fly past. The cover absorbs the shock of all these things flying past and keep the car in shape. The sun’s ultra-violet rays can have a diverse effect on cars in a multitude of ways. The paint work can get bleached, making the car look old and faded. The interior gets overheated, and ruins the internal workings, as well as makes the car too stuffy to drive. Therefore it is an absolute blessing that Car Covers have made sure that the Car Covers cover is UV resistant too, and the car is protected from all of this. Car Covers come as a custom fit, created specifically for that particular car. As a result, the protection offered is at the maximum, and the car retains a smarter look. The cover will not appear ill-fitted and baggy, giving a more upper class appearance. With a custom, the owner gets to select from one of three colours; tan, grey and blue, and even has the option to put a logo on the bonnet of the cover. Custom covers fit exactly, but to make it easier for owners to put on and take off, the Car Covers cover has elastic at the font and rear. When not in use, Car Covers folds up compactly so that it can fit in a corner of the trunk, and be taken around wherever the driver goes. This is ensures that no matter where he is, he’s always covered.

When people are looking to by a cover for their car, the question is always whether to get a standard or custom sized one, or even semi-custom. There is much to be said for all. All three will shield and protect the car from the various different elements. The type of protection provided depends more on the material chosen as opposed to the sizing. Standard covers have the advantage that it will fit on any car. This is particularly good for a family with a few cars, or someone who thinks he may have to update his car in the near future and doesn’t want to have to keep buying new car covers. If he wants he can even put a roof rack on his car, and the cover will still fit. This is something that only a standard cover can guarantee. However, there are those that will complain that standard sized are ugly as they are ill-fitted. The cover can sometimes look like a badly constructed tent flapping about in the wind. When a standard sized cover is fitted on to a larger car, it is often possible that not all part of the car is fully covered, for example, the wheels, and therefore the protection provided is not at its best. Custom covers on the other hand, are made specifically for that particular car, its model and year. The manufacturers will take into account every bit of the car’s contours and create the cover accordingly. They will even provide the mirror and aerial pockets. Car owners who buy a custom cover, also get the chance to select a color and even a logo on the front so that the can personalize the cover. Naturally, this gives the car a more classy look even whilst covered. Owners claim that the cover provides more protection when it fits snugly as there is no room for anything to sneak in. Semi-custom covers are made to fit a group of the car of similar shape and size. This way, the cover will fit the car more accurately, but without being as expensive as the custom ones. It will still be snugger than the standard sized covers and will be able to ensure that all parts of the car are fully covered. There is a little bit of room for movement, but not too much. People with semi-custom covers say that they get the same amount of protection as a full custom, without having to pay as much. Often there is a small choice of colors that the cover will come in for the buyer to choose from.